Natural Nausea Remedies That Are Great for Kids

natural nausea remedies

As we get into another school year, it seems inevitable that our kids will bring sicknesses home from school along with their homework. The stomach bug is a particular school year favorite that causes uncomfortable nausea and awful vomiting. If you notice your little ones coming home from school queasy, you can try to nip the stomach bug before it progresses. Keep reading to learn about some natural nausea remedies that are great for kids and will help them stay healthy.

Ginger and Honey

Ginger can work wonders for an upset stomach, but little ones don’t always find the flavor appealing. The best way to safely sneak it into a nauseous kid is to make ginger tea or add ginger to a tea your child prefers, along with some honey. Honey has many uses in health and even in beauty, but it works best as a natural sweetener for anti-nausea teas. If your child has already started vomiting and their throat is sore, the honey will also help soothe that uncomfortable raw feeling.

Various Forms of Mint

Peppermint has a calming effect on the human digestive tract, which means this herb and popular flavor can help soothe your little one’s nausea too. You can choose peppermint in almost any form that your child will accept: tea, chewing gum, and even toothpaste. While your child shouldn’t eat the toothpaste, if that’s the version of peppermint they want, having them brush their teeth and letting the peppermint flavor get into their system will still help. However, peppermint tea is ideal so it gets all the way into the digestive tract.

Sweet Spices

You can also use spices to help your child get through their nausea, although you’ll probably need to sweeten them to make them more palatable. Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel are the most popular anti-nausea spices. Mixing any of these ground spices with some sugar and adding it to a drink will help your little one feel better. Older children may prefer to swallow a teaspoon of the spice-sugar mixture whole—that’s okay, too, although the flavor may feel overpowering this way.

Some natural nausea remedies that are great for kids are ginger and honey, various forms of mint, and sweetened spices that you either add to a drink or eat raw. Many of these options are also great remedies for other sicknesses like the flu, so make sure to keep them around throughout the colder months.

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