4 Things You Never Expected To Trigger Acne

Lady with acne free face

Are you consistent with your skin-care routine, but you’re still not seeing any improvements? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, your skin-care routine has nothing to do with your breakouts. There can be a number of things that warrant a breakout. Read on to find out four things you never expected to trigger your acne.

A Poor Diet

What you eat can have a direct effect on your skin. Too much sugar or sodium in your diet could lead to a breakout. Unfortunately, you won’t know for sure without some experimentation. Consider this a trial-and-error process. Start to track your skin behaviors and reactions to certain foods.

Once you start to notice a pattern, adjust your diet so that you can see improvements. You don’t need to necessarily cut back all sugar and sodium, but it’s a good idea to eat things in moderation. Plus, there are alternatives for your sweet tooth. It’s all about balance and finding meals that don’t have such a powerful impact on your hormones.

Hair-Care Products

Believe it or not, your hair-care products can cause acne. You’ll see the effects around your hairline, neck, and shoulders. These are the areas your hair touches the most. Some of the ingredients you use to keep your hair healthy have the opposite effect on your skin.

For example, some oil-based products might clog up your pores. Your pores need to breathe. If your skin is already prone to being oily, you might want to consider changing your hair-care products. You can also consider wearing your hair up more and keeping it away from your face to avoid breakouts.

Towels and Linens

Your pillowcases, sheets, and towels are the next culprits you need to look at. They have more of an effect on your skin than you would expect. While you sleep, dead skin cells flake on your pillowcases and sheets. Constantly sleeping on these without changing them can cause a breakout.

The same goes for your towels. It’s a good idea to change out your towels and linens often. Additionally, you might want to consider purchasing new pillows and a comforter. You’ll make your sleeping arrangements more comfortable and take care of your skin simultaneously.

Cell Phones

Do you know how much bacteria your phone holds? If you had the number, you’d be petrified. We’ll save you the gory details, but it’s important to note that the number is substantial. From this, you can conclude that your phone might be the source of your acne.

Either you have the phone to your face while talking, or you’re constantly touching it and then touching your face afterward. Either way, bacteria will find a way to your face, resulting in a breakout. Try using headphones and cleaning your phone regularly with alcohol or antibacterial wipes. In addition to your skin regime and many natural home remedies you can try to help your acne, you’ll want to keep these factors in mind. If you’re having trouble finding the source of your breakouts, consider one of these four things that might have triggered your acne.

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