Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Produced in the pituitary gland, human growth hormone ( HGH ) is responsible for stimulating an increase in bone length and muscle growth. Children and adolescents need a sufficient amount to reach their full potential height. For most people, their body produces enough HGH to sustain growth during childhood and well into adulthood.

Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Doctors may sometimes prescribe synthetic HGH for children with stunted growth, but research shows that among patients with normal growth and development, synthetic HGH pretty much does nothing for height in addition to placing the patients at risk for serious disorders like autoimmune reactions. According to doctors, the key is increasing natural levels of HGH while a person is still in the growing stage.

Below are the tips which explain how to increase growth hormone levels to grow taller.

Take Enough Sleep

Ensure optimal HGH-producing conditions during sleep. About 70 to 80 percent of HGH production occurs during sleep, which is why doctors keep reminding parents that getting enough sleep is very important in kids and teens.

HGH production specifically occurs during the deep sleep stage, which underlines the need for uninterrupted sleep patterns.

Minimize disturbances that could be keeping your child from reaching deep sleep, use a cooling eye mask to trick the body into producing more melatonin, and avoid all forms of caffeine after 4pm which includes coffee-flavored beverages, soda, tea, energy, drinks, and even chocolate.

Eat At Correct Timings

Schedule the last meal or snack at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Every time you eat anything with calories, even if it’s healthy like fruits or vegetables, your body responds by releasing insulin.

Insulin and HGH are antagonist hormones, which means that when your insulin levels are high, your HGH levels are low.

On the flip side, keeping your insulin levels low helps increase HGH levels, and that’s what you want to do right before bedtime in order to make the most of the HGH- production bonanza that happens during the deep sleep stage.

Involve In Physical Exercise

Get into high-intensity activities. One of the best ways to induce naturally high levels of HGH is to trigger what endocrinologists call as exercise-induced growth hormone response or EIGR.

Resistance training and high-intensity cardio are proven to cause elevated HGH levels post-workout. Another good reason to get your child involved in sports and other physical activities is weight loss. Overweight or obese people have higher insulin levels in their bodies, and as previously discussed, when insulin is high, HGH is low.

These tips on how to increase growth hormone levels to grow taller can also be useful for adults.

Among those who have already reached their full height, optimum levels of HGH are needed for the effective metabolism of body fat and for maintaining muscle mass.

As with kids and teens, the use of synthetic HGH is not recommended for adults unless there is a proven clinical deficiency.

Aside from health risks, injecting synthetic HGH into your system causes your brain to produce even less of this hormone, which starts a vicious cycle of dependence. As for HGH pills and sprays typically sold on a dubious website are not real.

First of all, those products are not FDA-approved for therapeutic use; second, they are useless because spraying or orally ingesting HGH causes the body to break it down into ineffective compounds.

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