Examples of Active Meditation You Can Do Daily

Examples of Active Meditation You Can Do Daily

Many cultures around the globe, especially in the US, encourage people to be busy all the time. While a busy lifestyle has its perks, it’s often very stressful for the busy person and the people in their life. We need to slow down and take better care of our bodies and minds instead of rushing around.

One way we can slow down is through meditation. Meditation relaxes our minds and bodies, providing benefits like better focus, deeper sleep, increased creativity, and a lower heart rate. If you want these benefits but are worried you can’t fit meditation into your lifestyle, we can help. We offer examples of active meditation you can do daily so that you can feel productive and take care of your health.

Breathe Over a Cup of Tea

Many people enjoy a hot beverage in the morning, such as coffee or tea. We highly recommend floral and herbal teas because flowers have many healing powers. To unlock additional benefits, you can meditate while you make tea. Slow down your tea brewing and drinking process. Take deep breaths and pay attention to the moment. What does brewing tea smell like? What does your first cup taste like? What can you feel in your hands and feet? Ground yourself in the moment during this form of active meditation.

Walk During Your Lunch Break

You can actively meditate almost anywhere, even on your lunch break at work. Take yourself for a walk to avoid the distractions of other people in your office. While walking, notice your surroundings as well as your bodily sensations. What can you see, smell, hear, and taste? How many colors and shapes can you find on your walk? Pay attention to what your feet feel like on the sidewalk. Stretch your arms and neck while you walk. You’ll return to work feeling more grounded in your body and ready for the second half of the day.

Read Every Evening

Clocking out of work at the end of a busy day can feel just as stressful as getting ready in the morning and working all day. However, just as you actively meditate with your tea and on your lunch break, you can also do so in the evening. Pick a book you enjoy, and find a comfortable place to sit. Learn about mindful reading techniques, and choose one you like. Settle in and focus on what you’re reading and how you feel. How does the book make you feel emotionally? What does your lower body feel while you sit? Can you smell a particular candle or another scent in your home? Reflect while you read so that you’re relaxed and grounded for bed.

We hope these examples of active meditation you can do daily will help you make time for your mental and physical health throughout the day. Even a few calming minutes over tea, a quick walk on your lunch break, and a few pages of reading at night can help you feel better.

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