5 Reasons You’ve Been Feeling More Tired

5 Reasons You’ve Been Feeling More Tired

As we go about our busy lives, we may sometimes fall into an energy slump. These periods of lethargy occur for various reasons, and understanding the cause is a great way to find the solution. Here are a few reasons you’re probably feeling more tired. Consider how your life relates to them and how you may restore your energy levels.

Sleepless Nights

The rest you gain is an influential part of how you feel the next day. Sleep is vital to feeling energized and prepared for any challenge. Without it, you’ll feel more tired as the day continues.

The brain requires rest to ensure the brain develops neuropathways to learn and remember new topics. If you don’t rest enough, the neurons may malfunction and cause you to feel forgetful and tired.

Poor Diet

When you eat junk food and sweets, you’ll burn empty calories, which leads to burnout. Empty calories supply short bursts of energy and leave you with fatigue that lasts throughout the day if you don’t have a healthy meal. If you constantly snack on unhealthy foods, you won’t have the stamina to push through the day’s challenges.

Develop healthy eating habits to help yourself feel more energy throughout the day. A balanced diet with plenty of nutrients eventually creates an uptick in well-being.

Fewer Joyful Activities

When you aren’t having fun in life, you won’t receive the dose of serotonin that helps you feel alive. Spend time doing the activities that bring you joy to avoid feeling tired. Without the hobbies and joyful times we love, we begin to feel more stressed and bogged down by the obstacles in life.

Partake in fun activities to develop a good feeling that resonates throughout the body. As you perform these activities more often, you’ll feel relief from what troubled you before and have the motivation to push forward.


We need to spend time with people to feel energized. Various chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, promote good feelings, and hanging out with loved ones releases those chemicals.

Without them, depression is more likely, and we may fall into a rut. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a few days or weeks, that may be the reason you’re feeling tired.

Lack of Water

You may feel tired of hearing it, but drinking water is essential. The body runs on hydration, and 90 percent of our blood is water. When we are dehydrated, our blood also doesn’t have the viscosity to flow through our veins. Dehydration affects your daily life by causing fatigue and numerous other issues that make your body feel poorly.

Keep up with your fluid intake and prevent yourself from feeling tired. You’ll need to maintain hydration daily to ensure you don’t feel the drag of fatigue from the lack of water circulating through your system.

Feeling tired is normal for many, but when you feel it constantly and can’t shake it off, there are particular causes to consider. Remember these reasons, find the source of your depleted state, and take steps to feel reinvigorated.

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