5 Candle Fragrances That Will Help You Sleep Better

5 Candle Fragrances That Will Help You Sleep Better

Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night? It’s a nightly battle for many, but one method that helps many achieve better sleep is lighting candles. Below, we explain how burning candles supports sleep and the fragrances that will help you sleep better and longer.

How Burning Candles Helps You Sleep

Before we get into the many lovely scents that are useful tools in the fight against insomnia, consider if burning candles will help you sleep. While it’s not a cure for insomnia, one of the amazing health benefits of burning candles is it supports sleep health.

Burning candles is an excellent strategy for combatting stress as the sight, smell, and sound of a burning candle calms our mind and deflates feelings of anxiety and restlessness. If you struggle to sleep, incorporating a burning candle into your routine could help significantly, but which candle fragrances will help you sleep better?

Best Scents for Sleep


Lavender is one of the most popular candle scents due to its calming effects. The light and fresh floral scent of lavender instantly puts a person’s mind at ease and creates an atmosphere of calm. The calming fragrance of lavender can do wonders to ease an anxious mind before bed.


Chamomile is another popular fragrance thanks to its soothing qualities. In fact, as an herbal tea, its benefits include treating sleep and stomach troubles, and many like to sip chamomile before bed as a sleep enhancer. If you want to maximize your results, consider doubling down with a scented candle and a cup of tea to get a boost of chamomile’s sedative benefits.


Jasmine has always been one of the most popular candle fragrances, and one of the reasons it’s so beloved is its calming and tranquil qualities. The jasmine flower’s rich, sweet, and fruity smell brings calm and ease to many minds and instantly provides a relaxing aura. Consider lighting a jasmine candle before bed to get a whiff of its floral, calming scent for sleeping bliss.


Doesn’t the word sandalwood sound calming? Sandalwood’s rich and earthy aromas make it an excellent scent for relieving stress and allowing anxiety to melt away with the wax. The harmonious blend of woody and balsamic notes in sandalwood candles is ideal for those who prefer hearty and muskier fragrances.


Who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla? If you have a sweet tooth and love to fall asleep to scents that make you reminisce about your favorite desserts and baked goods, you’d love the addition of a vanilla candle to your sleep routine. Vanilla fragrances are an excellent mood booster, putting your mind in a calm, happy state before sleep.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to candle scents for sleeping. Keep reading Remedies Guru for more tips on beauty and fitness and help with your physical and mental health!

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