Healthy Herbal Teas And Their Amazing Benefits

photo of different healthy herbal teas

If there is something that doesn’t have a side effect is Herbal TEA. Originated from the Chinese dynasty, tea became popular in the whole world as the form of stress reliever and cure for many diseases and unwanted body conditions. It is regarded as the key to good health, happiness, and wisdom. Wherever the tea is consumed in the whole world, there are 3 approaches to it,

  • Some people drink tea as a source of medicine because it has medicinal values and helps in curing some unwanted body conditions like weight loss, prevention of gallstones or curing of headaches.
  • Some people drink tea as a source of nutrition because tea contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are very beneficial for the body.
  • Some people drink tea as a source of pleasure beverages like wine and brandy.

What Are Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas are totally different from regular tea because they are not made from Camellia Sinensis ( a species of evergreen shrub or small tree whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea). Herbal Tea is made from the infusion of herbs, spices, fruits, or other plant material in hot water. They do not usually contain caffeine. People all over the world consume herbal teas due to their amazing health benefits. In Europe, herbal teas or blends are commonly known as tisanes.

Types of Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

Although there is a lot of variety when it comes to healthy herbal teas, so we have selected some best herbal teas which have amazing health benefits and are easy to find in the markets.

organic herbal teas

Green Tea

Green Tea is a lightly oxidized tea that is produced by focusing on preserving its natural green color and sweet aromas.

– High in antioxidants which prevent from bladder, breast, lung, stomach, and pancreatic cancer.
– Reduces bad cholesterol and prevents clogging in the arteries.
– Promotes healthy cell growth.
– It has a relaxing and calming effect.
– Reduces the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Black Tea

– It lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
– May protect the lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke.
– Regulates blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of stroke.
– It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Oolong Tea

– Aids weight management and studies have found a link between drinking Oolong tea and weight loss.
– It helps alleviate skin conditions.
– It helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
– It can help people with diabetes keep blood sugar levels in line.

White Tea

White tea is minimally processed, made of beautiful silver buds, and selected leaves that have been steamed and dried. White tea retains a higher amount of antioxidants and less amount of caffeine.
– It has the highest antioxidant properties.
– Low in Caffeine.
– Can Lower Cholesterol and blood pressure.
– it’s Antibacterial.

Rooibos Tea

– It’s naturally caffeine-free.
– Rooibos tea has some amazing ability to treat asthma.
– It improves the blood circulation in your body, People who are suffering from heart stroke can consume this tea daily for smooth blood flow in the body.
– It is beneficial for removing skin irritations and removes eczema and bone weakness.
– It contains cancer-fighting properties.

Peppermint Tea

– Peppermint tea is best for reducing fever. You might be thinking how can a hot cup of tea reduce fever, but this is true!. When the hot peppermint tea is consumed, it activates external sweating, while the menthol cools down down the body internally which reduces fever and inflammation.
– This tea helps in curing all the digestive problems and gastrointestinal conditions.
– Peppermint tea has great anti-bacterial properties and helps in strengthening the immune system which fights with bacteria causing fever, cold, and cough.
– The aroma of peppermint helps in reducing overeating and when it is consumed in the form of tea, it helps in eliminating appetite and reduce weight.

Dried Ginger Tea

– Dried ginger tea has antihistamine properties and anti-inflammatory
– It eases motion sickness and is a great flavor booster.
– This tea is best for the treatment and prevention of cancer and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.
– Ginger tea helps in curing all digestion problems which include irritable bowel movement, relief of gas, and heartburn.
– Ginger tea helps in aiding weight loss and Suppresses Appetite.
– It also helps in managing blood sugar levels and relieving tired muscles.

Stinging Nettle Tea

– Stinging Nettle Tea is a recommended remedy for seasonal allergies.
– It’s a great energy booster and good for treating arthritis.
– Nettle tea promotes milk production in women for newly delivered babies and relieves menopausal symptoms.
– This tea helps in respiratory tract diseases and breaks down kidney stones.
– It helps with gastrointestinal disease, IBS, and constipation and also reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

Yerba Mate Tea

– It helps open up respiratory passages.
– It lowers lipids, leading to reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure.
– Yerba Mate is loaded with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which give you natural energy.
– This tea helps in boosting all mental functions which result in better focus, alertness, and productive. It also enhances your mood.
– Yerba Mate helps in boosting the immune system due to the presence of a compound called saponins which are the natural emulsifier that helps in boosting the immune system.

Lemon Balm Tea

– It has a great calming effect that relieves stress and anxiety and also induces sleep.
– Lemon tea helps with the common cold and other respiratory issues.
– It alleviates digestive issues helps to treat headaches and toothaches.
– Lemon balm tea helps in fighting bacterias of herpes and cold sores.

Chamomile Tea

– Chamomile tea is great for treating sleep and stomach troubles.
– It is also used for therapeutic use which and mental issues like anxiety, nervousness, crabbiness and insomnia
– Chamomile tea helps in relieving menstrual cramps.
– It is the best tea to consume during stomach ulcers and calms the stomach muscles.
– Chamomile tea battle against skin inflammation and wipe out all the bacteria causing skin problems giving you smooth shiny skin.

Hibiscus Tea

– Hibiscus tea helps in reducing cancerous cells by inducing apoptosis known as programmed cell death.
– This has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties.
– Hibiscus tea helps in relieving cramps and menstrual pain.
– Its anti-oxidant property helps in treating liver disease.
– This tea helps in lowering Bad Cholesterol Level ‘LDL’ from the body.

Red Clover Tea

– If you are looking for organic natural blood cleanser, Red Clover is the best herb. Drinking red clover tea purifies and cleans your blood.
– Red Clover tea helps in removing toxins from the blood and clears acne on the skin.
– It lessens menopausal symptoms.
– It can help protect against cardiovascular disease.
– It can rescue the prostate-specific antigen.

Dandelion Tea

– If you are feeling bloated, dandelion tea could provide relief because it acts as a diuretic and increases urine output.
– Dandelion tea stimulates digestion.
– It can be used to treat hepatitis, jaundice, and dyspepsia.
– lessens hot flashes.
– It combats the formation of kidney stones.

Cinnamon Tea

– Cinamon Tea reduces cold symptoms and lowers cholesterol.
– It reduces stomach discomfort and fights viruses.
– It helps in relieving menstrual pain.
– If you are on a slimming diet streak than this tea is very beneficial for you because it helps in reducing weight and burning unwanted fats stored in the body.
– It increases antioxidants and also helps in alleviating arthritis symptoms.

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