How To Ease Symptoms and Shorten the Length of a Cold

How To Ease Symptoms and Shorten the Length of a Cold

Sniffles, coughing, and a sore throat are no fun and tough to avoid this time of year. Thankfully, if you do catch a cold, there are some things you can do at home to make it less miserable. There is no need to run to a doctor since there is no cure for a cold—only remedies to relieve its effects. Instead, try the following ideas to ease symptoms and shorten the length of a cold.

Fill Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

There are many natural methods to make your cold less miserable and shorten the time you must deal with it. Add the following items to your medicine cabinet:

  • Vitamin C boosts the immune system and may decrease the days you sniff and cough.
  • Any form of nasal irrigation for moisture, such as a neti pot or a saline spray, helps soften the mucus membranes and clear the sinuses.
  • Zinc and elderberry syrups have shown mixed results regarding whether they help shorten the length of a cold; however, as all-natural options, they won’t hurt to try.
  • Natural cough drops for instant sore-throat relief.


Stay extra hydrated when fighting a cold. Water, lemon water, and hot tea all help flush your system of toxins, moisturize nasal membranes, and reduce congestion. Don’t dehydrate yourself with caffeine and alcohol.

Get Plenty of Rest

It seems like sleep is the answer for everything, and for good reason. Sleep allows your body to work on healing itself. You’ll feel better quickly if you take time off from everything else and rest instead.

When you have a cold, it’s also important to understand how your sleeping position affects your health. Some positions are better than others for breathing when you’re congested or coughing. You may want to change how you usually curl up in bed.

Improve the Air

You have more control over the air in your house than you think. When you are sick, you need two things from the air: moisture and no allergens. Plug in a vaporizer or humidifier in the bedroom in the evenings while you have a cold. The moisture is good for your sinuses, can make it easier to breathe, and can lessen the coughing.

The other item you need to improve the air is an air purifier. Toxins and allergens only irritate your sinuses and throat more. Some air purifiers can also limit the number of viruses that float through the air in your home. When choosing the right air purifier for you, consider your needs both when sick and healthy.

Before the next cold arrives, gather your supplies to ease the symptoms and shorten the length of a cold. Fill your medicine cabinet with natural remedies, focus on hydrating and getting plenty of rest, and improve your home’s air quality with humidifiers and purifiers. You’ll be glad you are ready when the time comes!

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