Hot Sleepers Guide to Staying Cool During the Night

Hot Sleepers Guide to Staying Cool During the Night

When you lay down to rest, the last thing you want is to wake up covered in sweat or constantly tossing and turning to get comfortable. Unfortunately, if you struggle with staying cool during the night, there’s a chance you may be a hot sleeper. Luckily, here are some hot sleeper tips for staying cool during the evenings to sleep more comfortably.

Allow Warm Air to Escape

When temperatures outside begin to climb, so can the temperature of your bedroom. If your room is noticeably hotter than usual, allow hot air to escape via airflow and open windows. Having a ceiling fan on and an open window creates good airflow, allowing hot air to escape and keeping your bedroom cool throughout the day.

Keep Blinds Closed During Daytime

As it reaches midday, the sun hitting your bedroom windows can cause the temperatures to climb. So, one tip to keep your room cool at nightis to keep your bedroom blinds closed during peak sun hours. You can also invest in blackout curtains to prevent sunlight from entering your room, thus reducing excess heat.

Stay On Top of Hydration

If you aren’t drinking water throughout the day, it can cause your body temperature to increase. This results in your body not having enough liquid to sweat and regulate your core temperature. So, if you tend to sleep on the warmer side, one tip to stay cool during the evening is to have a big glass of water before bed and access water nearby to keep you hydrated through the night.

Wear Thin, Loose Clothing

Perhaps the reason you struggle to stay cool through the night is due to the clothing you wear. If you enjoy wearing thick flannel pajamas, it could be the culprit of hot, sweaty nights.

So, opt for soft, breathable pajamas that help your body breathe and allow airflow. Whether it’s an oversized t-shirt or a matching two-piece sleep set, remember to let your body get comfortable without feeling insulated.

Make Sure Your Bedding Suits Your Needs

Your sleeping position can also factor in the quality of your sleep. For example, constantly sleeping on your stomach can reduce blood flow, while sleeping in the fetal position can restrict breathing. As such, these factors can impact your bodily temperatures and leave you feeling overheated throughout the night.

So, ensuring you sleep comfortably will allow for proper blood flow and breathing as you rest. Furthermore, choosing the right bedding can help support your preferred sleeping system while helping your bodily temperatures remain low. You also want to consider insulation, thermoregulation, and hypoallergenic properties when choosing your bedding.

Hot sleepers shouldn’t have to wake up every day covered in sweat. As such, adjusting your bedroom to match your needs can not only help you from overheating at night but also helps you sleep more comfortably.

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