Chia Seeds Health Benefits

chia seeds

Chia, an ancient Mayan word which means “Strength” has an important role in our healthy lifestyle. The tiny little black seeds from a plant known as “Salvia Hispanica” (belongs to the mint family) are one the best source of nutrients for our body and brain. Chia seeds are one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and help in increasing HDL Cholesterol levels in the body which prevents heart stroke. There are many benefits of chia seeds, let’s look at some below.

chia seeds benefits

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Below are some chia seeds health benefits which will amaze you.

Blood Sugar Balancing

Chia Seeds are very helpful in maintaining your blood sugar level. If you are a type 2 diabetic patient, daily intake of these seeds can help you in balancing your blood levels. A research was conducted on 20 diabetic patients where they were given 37 grams of Chia for 12 weeks and the results were amazing.  Their blood sugar level went down by 3-6 mm/hg, which was amazing. This proves that Chia seeds are very helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Heart Health

Chia seeds help in reversing inflammation, control cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure. It is beneficial for coronary heart health.

Chia is higher in linoleic, a fatty acid that assists your body to absorb fat-soluble nutritional vitamins like A, D, E, and K also they are high in omega-3s, fiber, and protein making it a perfect ingredient to lower the risk of heart disease.

Weight Loss (Curbs Appetite)

Many health experts believe that chia seeds are one of the best sources to reduce weight. Chia is high in fiber and foods which are high in fiber helps you lose calories. The proteins in chia can help you reduce appetite and food intake.

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