Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

photo of Black seeds oil nigella sativa

Black Seed Oil is derived from black seeds, also known as (Nigella sativa or Kalonji). It is a dark black color that belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. It has a strong smell and strong taste.  Some people consider Black seeds as Onion seeds which is false. Onion seeds look alike Black seeds but there taste is sour and it has no smell. In Black seeds, 15 percent of the oil is evaporated and the remaining 85 percent contains very strong ingredients that are beneficial for the health. Black seeds are often named as “Remedy for everything except death“. Some diseases require a lot of time to cure that’s why it is advised to have patience and a consistent mindset. Black seeds are usually consumed in the form of oil.  Today, I will share with you some great Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil which can cure many diseases at the ease of your home.

Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Migraine and Headache

Headache is a very common problem that everyone faces regardless of their age and gender. Headaches are usually caused due to stress and tension but don’t worry, this problem can be cured with black seed oil.  Put 1 drop of black seed oil in your nostrils and rub, it will cure the pain very quickly. But if you want a permanent cure, add 10 drops of black seed oil in a half cup water and drink it for 1 month, headache and migraine will go away permanently.


Put 1 drop of black seed oil in your right nostril, next day put it left nostrils. Besides this, add 10 drops of black seed oil in 1 tablespoon of honey and drink it. Carry on this process for 2 months daily and you will see some great results, the problem is epilepsy can be cured completely with this method.


Black seed oil is very healthy for diabetic patients and it can decrease insulin resistance. Take 6 teaspoons of oil three times daily, 2 times morning, 2 in the evening, and 2 at night. Try to take it with meals so it can digest properly.

Brain Health

Take 1/2 teaspoon of butter, little sugar, and add 12 drops of black seed oil and eat daily in the morning empty stomach. In one month, your brainpower will be enhanced and you will feel energetic. This is one the best remedy to boost your brainpower.

Cough and Mucus

Mix 12 gm of flax seeds in 1/4 kg of water and boil it. When the water is half left, separate the boiled water from flax seeds and add 15 drops of black seed oil and 2 teaspoons of honey and drink it. Repeat the process for 3 days, you will see your cough will be gone.


Black seed oil is the best remedy for Asthma and bronchial infection. Mix five parts of olive oil with 1 part of black seed oil and rub the mixture onto your chest. One more method is to boil the mixture on the stove and inhale the vapors which will break up the mucus in bronchial tubes.

Above are some of the great Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil which can help you in living a healthy lifestyle. Keep in touch for more updates.

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