All-Natural Ways To Improve Comfort While Pregnant

A young pregnant woman in a long floral dress smiling as she takes a leisurely stroll through a park.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that brings numerous changes to a woman’s body, and some of these changes can be uncomfortable. Aches and pains are normal, but they’re not pleasant. If you’re experiencing discomfort during your pregnancy, you might be looking for solutions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to turn to prescriptions or doctor visits. Below, we discuss some all-natural ways to improve comfort while pregnant.

Train Your Breathing

How you breathe can impact how you feel, making breathing exercises a potential pain reliever for expecting mothers. Learning to control your breathing can help manage stress, reduce anxiety, and even ease some of the physical discomforts that accompany pregnancy.

Implementing deep, diaphragmatic breathing techniques might offer immediate relief and long-lasting benefits. Practice by inhaling deeply through your nose, allowing your abdomen to rise, and then exhaling slowly through your mouth. This method not only improves oxygen flow but also helps you tune in with your body, promoting your calm and well-being.

Mind How You Sleep

Getting sufficient rest is so important during pregnancy, yet it can be challenging due to frequent discomfort and changing body dynamics. To promote better sleep, a simple thing you can do is consider your sleeping position since how you sleep affects your health.

Experts often recommend sleeping on your side in the fetal position, particularly the left side, to maximize blood flow to your baby and relieve pressure on your organs. Place pillows beneath your belly and between your knees to maintain a more comfortable and healthy alignment.

Try Herbal Remedies

Nature is full of healthy, organic medicine that can relieve discomfort from common pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, insomnia, and muscle pain. Ginger tea, for instance, is renowned for its ability to combat morning sickness. Likewise, chamomile can help you relax and sleep better. Here are some other herbal remedies that might relieve pregnancy symptoms:

  • Peppermint
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Oat straw extract

These herbs are generally considered safe and even beneficial for pregnancy. However, be mindful of how much you take, and consult with your healthcare provider to be safe.

Get Light Exercise

Engaging in light exercise can significantly enhance comfort during pregnancy. Activities such as walking, prenatal yoga, and swimming are excellent choices. These low-impact exercises help boost energy, improve circulation, and reduce common aches and pains.

Furthermore, exercise also gives your mental well-being a boost.

Work With a Doula

Your mental comfort can affect your physical comfort, and partnering with a doula can do wonders to strengthen your peace of mind. A doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, and knowledge support throughout all stages of pregnancy, including pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

Doulas get to know you and support your unique pregnancy. If you’re in pain, they can assist with pain management techniques. If your anxiety is causing uncomfortable tension in your body, they can offer information to put you at ease. If you’re planning an at-home birth and worried about the outcome, they are trained on risk assessment and management for home births and can do so much to ensure a safe, comfortable delivery.

Essentially, a doula can support your all-natural pregnancy journey, providing physical and mental comfort when you need it most.

Every pregnancy is unique, so you’ll have to find methods that work for you. But if you’re committed to an all-natural pregnancy and birth, then these ways to improve comfort while pregnant can be worthwhile. We hope you found something helpful to try.

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