Worthy Facts For Him – 5 Reasons Why Men Should Sleep More

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If you’re going to make a journal out of the benefits that sleeping can give you, you’re probably going to make one complete volume. And why not? Sleeping not only improves your longevity, but it also enhances the quality of your life.

Apart from the physical benefits that it renders to your body, getting enough sleep can also improve your emotional and mental functions and fends off diseases.

But do you know that getting adequate sleep can also bolster your productivity at work and relationships? Most probably not, but it’s okay, no worries. The purpose of this article in the first place is to educate you.

Read the five reasons below in which adequate sleeping can upgrade the quality of your life.

Adequate Sleep Boost Your Sex Life

Adequate Sleep Boost Your Sex Life

Sleeping may not be your most favorite activity in bed, but getting adequate sleep should always be the priority of men and women.

According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, every additional hour of sleep increases the likelihood of sexual activity by 14%. Furthermore, sexual arousal and a better sexual response are also is evident among men who get sufficient sleep longer on average than those who don’t.

Men and women who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to experience lower testosterone level which can lead to poor sex drive. It’s also unhealthy for men who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation because it makes them vulnerable to stress and a high level of cholesterol. Both of which can affect impair sexual function.

The link between inadequate sleep and depression is one of the biggest reasons why getting enough sleep should be a top priority.

Sleeping Wards Off Depression

Sleeping Wards Off Depression

It’s true that a few hours of dozing can’t solve dreadful emotional difficulties, but it can improve your mood.

You’re probably aware that sleeping affects the pattern of our moods. The failure to get sufficient sleep may leave you feeling vulnerable, irritable and short-tempered. Once you sleep well, your mood will return to its normal state.

According to the study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, people who only get 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night for one whole week are more prone to sadness, anger, mental exhaustion and stress. When people return to their regular sleep, their moods dramatically improve.

Sleeping Improves Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

Sleeping Improves Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

Here’s another golden reason why you need to spend more time in bed and doze off as much as you can. Sleeping boosts the blood circulation to your brain which helps maintain the proper mechanism and function of the brain. What’s more, it also fosters a healthy lung function, a physical quality that active people possess even as they age.

If you always struggle with faltering memory and fuzzy thinking, poor sleeping habits may be the culprit. According to Dr. Lawrence Epstein, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, poor cognitive performance can be attributed to insufficient sleep and even sleeping disorder.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get more sleep. Dr. Epstein added that there are a lot of means to make up for the so-called sleep debt and restore clarity and focus. You can eliminate the brain fog within a week.

The only rule is to start now because the longer you stay in bad sleeping habits, the longer it will catch you. Dr. Epstein suggests that you target seven to eight hours per every day. It is particularly useful for people who are beyond their forties. And, the idea that adults are better off with fewer hours of sleep is a big myth.

Almost all types of physical activity can keep your mind sharp, but studies show that getting enough sleep, in particular, improves your cognitive function.

Keeping your mind sharp does not only rely on reading books or solving technical problems, but it also relies on your physical mobility. So, sleep your way to a smarter version of yourself.

Sleeping Improves Your Creativity

Sleeping Improves Your Creativity

Good news to the artistic souls, getting a good night’s sleep before handling paintbrushes and easels is a good way to boost creativity.

In addition to enhancing and consolidating memories, adequate sleep restructures and reorganizes memories which results in a higher state of creativity. Researchers at Boston College and Harvard University found that our emotional components strengthen themselves during sleep. It also stimulates the creative process.

Sleeping Improves Vitality

Sleeping Improves Vitality

The other notable benefit of adequate sleep is that it impedes the natural decline of your body’s physical performance that occurs when you age.

Some of the most significant benefits of getting adequate sleep are better vitality and stronger endurance. Randy Ganther, a weight loss expert, says, getting a healthy amount of sleep is paramount to get optimum function at work, during workout sessions and even during sex.


It’s safe to say that the quality of our life has something to do with sleeping. When you deprive yourself of proper sleeping, your cognitive functions will plunge to a less-than-ideal-level state. It’s the reason why it pays to love your body, not because it’s an act of vanity but because it will bring your well-being into a whole new level. Now is the best time to update your bunk beds and sleep your way out to a healthier quality of life. Exercise and improve the quality of your life.

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